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Aniyan Midhun – Ace Wushu Champion, Dreams of building a sports school in Thrissur

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The Journey of Aniyan Midhun

Aniyan Midhun, the renowned Wushu player who has been the only Indian to have won a gold medal in the South Asian Wushu championship last year, is a man from a fisherman’s family. Talking over the phone from his residence in Nattika district in Thrissur, the 30-year-old Wushu player revealed,

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“Since my childhood, I have been going to sea with my father to catch fish. I still go to the sea to catch fish when I am in Thrissur. At the same time, I was fond of watching kickboxing, martial arts, karate, boxing, and wrestling on TV since my childhood and played these games informally with my childhood friends on the Nattika sea beach. I had no idea how to start and choose the game that I can pursue.”

Still, Aniyan got an opportunity to learn karate in his school. He was studying the fifth standard. Then gradually, Aniyan came to know about wushu, kickboxing. He used to notice all these games being practiced at Thrissur stadium and during this period Aniyan’s journey with wushu began under the coaches at Thrissur Wushu Association training center. But Aniyan Midhun usually did not practice there. His training place was Nattika sea beach.

The Son of the Arabian Sea

With Aniyan’s achievements in the national level kickboxing and wushu championships increasing gradually, the player acquired a title from his fraternity. That was the ‘Son of Arabian Sea’. Aniyan commented,

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“As I train on the sea beach (eight hours a day) the media, as well as the people from my sports fraternity, gave me the title and it became more famous after I won the gold medal in the South Asian Wushu championship.” Aniyan is trained by Arjuna awardee wushu coach Kuldip Hundu who lives in Kashmir. Aniyan disclosed, “I go to Kashmir to practice under Hundu almost every year. I generally stay there for a long time and at that time I get an opportunity to improve my endurance, fitness, speed, and strength through training on the mountain. Wushu is a game that is similar to all the games such as kickboxing, martial arts, and boxing. So, I need to develop all these ingredients.”

The Dream of Aniyan Midhun

Aniyan, who has already won a gold medal in the South Asian Wushu championship dreams of the same gold medal in the Olympics. But according to wushu Star, the game has not yet been included in the Olympics. He said,

“I wish wushu gets included in the Olympics and I dream of winning a gold medal in the event.” The player has been preparing for the World Championship to be held in Thailand in the first week of June next year where he will compete in the 70-kg category.

The Mission

Aniyan Midhun has plans to construct a sports school in Thrissur in the future. He divulged,

“Nowadays so many boys and girls train wushu on the Nattika sea beach. I can instantly say more than 70 including boys and girls train the game on the beach. All have been inspired by my success. These boys and girls are not allowed to practice at the stadium. Being from a poor family I know the struggle and pain of those boys and girls who are not allowed to practice at the stadium. Significantly, many among them are athletes, footballers and play other games. So I have plans to set up a sports school in Thrissur where the talented boys and girls can get facilities to practice and develop in their respective events.”

No Job

Aniyan is a full-time wushu player. He does not prefer to join any job. He stated,

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“I have a few endorsements. Garmins is one of them. I am the company’s brand ambassador. I am happy to live with the earnings I make from endorsements.” 

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