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An examination of the impact of technology on sports | Transforming sports with science

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In today’s world technology dominates each sector and you can find the utilization of technology everywhere. Technology has evolved the sports industry as well. The development of Sports technology has subtly altered how sports are played, watched, and prepared. This allowed the audience and fans to engage with their favorite sportspersons, teams, and brands through social media and the internet. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry that offers business and employment chances to millions all over the planet. Development in the Sports industry is happening at a breakneck speed to meet the constantly evolving needs and expectations of athletes and fans alike.

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Popular sports tech trends and developments include performance analysis, the Internet of things, eSports, and smart stadiums.

Merits of technology in sports 

Performance analysis

An examination of the impact of technology on sports | KreedOn
Image Source- Forbes

This helps enhance the coaching and spectating process by giving actual visual feedback. This specialized discipline gives athletes and coaches objective information, which helps them understand performance and improvements needed. This information helps athletes and coaches understand how to make the right decision at the right time and deliver balanced performance. This also helps an athlete improve his decision-making powers. With sports tech and tactical knowledge, a sportsperson’s confidence boosts. The process of performance analysis goes beyond the traditional methods and uses advanced software for the analysis of sports stats.

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Makes the game fair

Technological developments in sports use urbane testing routines. This ensures that any form of abuse of synthetic performance or engagement of drugs will be eliminated from sports.

Ticket purchasing

An examination of the impact of technology on sports | KreedOn
Image Source- PYMNTS

Audiences and fans can now buy tickets for their favorite sports while sitting on their couch only. This has reduced the frustration faced by fans who come to watch their team play but get stuck in the ticket lines or find seats.

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Quick access to information

An examination of the impact of technology on sports | KreedOn
Image Source- Forbes

While sitting at home, with just a smartphone, one can access tons of sports information, including game analysis and live scores anytime, anywhere.

Injury treatments

An examination of the impact of technology on sports | KreedOn
Image Source- Medium

The time when injuries would jeopardize the career of a sportsperson is now wiped off by the advancement of technology. Prior sports persons would depend on grafting for recovery. In the wake of technology in sports, the recovery process is accelerated by advanced biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. Robotics pieces of equipment and innovative technology have empowered sports persons to such a level that they now can excel at each step.

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Emerging trends in the Sports Industry

Virtual reality

Augmented reality has overwhelmed the sports technology space and has influenced various parts of sports. It is used for sports analysis of a player’s performance as well as examining strategies to enhance performance. Many sports teams are progressively investing millions in VR technology because the 3D systems can pinpoint specific aspects of an athlete’s performance that require improvement. Virtual reality has likewise been used to improve the audience’s insight into a specific sports event. Some technologies even allow the audience a virtual stroll through a stadium or other sporting location. 

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Reviewing advanced technology

Prior, the referees had just a single camera for replays and reviews. Yet, mechanical upgradation has assisted them with conveying a fair and unbiased judgment in the sport. With the help of instant replays and 360°degree cameras, one gets an unprecedented view of the entire match. These high-tech cameras since every player, each shot, and every inch of the field. The cameras that are utilized to shoot live matches offer high picture quality and lucidity and can capture even the minutes of details. These technologies have now arrived at the practicality of sports like Kabaddi, Cricket, Football, tennis, etc.

Fantasy sports platforms/e-sports

With eSports being one of the innovations the interactions between players and audience rose. Fantasy sport is where one assembles a virtual team of real players to play the game. This source of entertainment has attracted a huge number of followers and viewers. Platforms like Dream 11, have gradually entered the mainstream creating another form of entertainment for highly interactive fans.

Artificial intelligence

Tech has become a vital supporter in sports to its evolution both inside and outside the stadiums, empowering every player and team to reach their best. Advanced Intelligence can convey progressed performance analysis of each player’s winning strategies and improvements needed. AI also provides real-time game measurements for players and fans, game strategies prediction to enable players to pick the right procedure and even alert the player in case of a decline in performance. Furthermore, with improving technologies, innovation, better sponsors, processors, and calculations, AI is certainly paving the way for the future.

Wearables and preparing gears

There are wearable gadgets that take into account real-time tracking of an athlete’s well-being. The minuscule electronic gadgets that can be connected to the competitor’s body, clothing, footwear, and hardware to follow pulse, step, speed, distance, and other basic data which this way is being utilized by the instructing staff for a more profound and deeper understanding of one’s performance.


The allure of sports lies in its capacity to rise above the hindrances of any sort of discrimination and geographical barriers to celebrate human potential. Technology holds an unprecedented spot in sports, but the challenge lies in ensuring that the advancement related to technology doesn’t wind up eclipsing the core skills of a sportsperson. So, it is essential to regulate the functioning of AI in sports to preserve its spirit. As Sports Technology keeps advancing constantly, the barriers between fans and teams will soon be flattened out and it will invite more cross-platform participation. Sports tech is digging in for the long haul and the upcoming years will see a dramatic expansion in its application and usage within the sporting world. 

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