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Tech-Savvy IPL: Top 10 Technologies Revolutionizing the Game

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The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is one of the most popular and exciting cricket leagues in the world. With top international players and passionate fans, the IPL brings together cricket, entertainment, and glamour in an unmatched way. From big hits to nail-biting finishes, the IPL has it all, and it’s no wonder why it has become a global phenomenon. The broadcasters gladly pay exorbitant fees to cover the spectacle. Broadcasters are willing to make significant investments when the stakes are that high to ensure that decisions are correct while also enhancing the watching experience. The enormity of the IPL demands a vast array of technologies that often go unnoticed by the average spectator. This article will shed light on the technologies employed in the IPL like Buggy Camera, Spider Cam, Real-Time Analytics, LED Stumps & Bails, etc.

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10 Amazing Technology in IPL

Name of technologies 
Dolby Atmos Sound system
Real-Time Analytics
LED Stumps and Bails
Speed Gun
Buggy Qam
360° Cameras
Spider Cam

Dolby Atmos Sound System

The Tech Marvels: 10 Amazing Technology in IPL You Should Know -KreedOn
Source- twitter

Almost every Indian home has a cricket fan, but not every fan can cheer on their beloved cricketers in the stadium. A television viewer can feel closer to the stadium thanks to Star Sports’ investment in Dolby Atmos. This technique has the potential to emit noise from 100+ items at the same time, providing significantly greater sound quality than the fans have previously heard. Star Sports’ goal is to provide viewers with a stadium-like experience from the comfort of their own homes. The capacity of this game-changing technology to precisely direct sound will go a long way toward realizing the goal.

Real-Time Analytics

Image Source- BW Marketing World

As the T20 format has caught the interest of spectators across the world, so has data analytics. Teams’ investment in data analytics has gradually expanded in recent years. Coaches and captains are using data-driven insights to make match-up judgments and make decisions on the pitch. The surge in data analytics has not gone unnoticed by fans. As fans realize the significance of data analytics, there are increasing discussions about it among watchers. Broadcasters are providing real-time statistics to viewers to help fans stay informed about the figures.

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LED Stumps and Bails

The Tech Marvels: 10 Amazing Technology in IPL You Should Know -KreedOn
Image Source- The Federal

Cricket is played in a stadium larger than one acre in size, but matches are occasionally decided by centimeters. Stumpings and run outs can influence the outcome of a close game. Previously, when run outs came down to picture frames, it was difficult to determine if the bails had been dislodged. Because of this unique technology, the bails light up as soon as they come off the groove. This technology has enhanced the accuracy of runout and stumping rulings. Along with making umpires’ lives simpler, it has also improved the viewing experience, as seeing the bails light up is a sight to witness.

Speed Gun

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Perhaps the oldest technology on the list is the speed gun. Finally, the gadget allowed viewers and experts to calculate the bowler’s speed, allowed viewers and experts to gauge the bowler’s speed. It aids in separating the true pacers from the medium pacers. Contrary to common assumptions, the speed gun’s measurements are unaffected by wind because the entire procedure uses microwave technology. The margin of error is less than one kilometer per hour, which is the most amazing factor.

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Buggy Qam

The Tech Marvels: 10 Amazing Technology in IPL You Should Know -KreedOn
Image Source- Quidich Innovation labs

The Buggy Camera is another invention that cricket adopted from tennis, like the Speed Gun. Previously, this technique was employed in athletics to allow a camera to sprint with competitors. The system’s benefit is that, because of the wheels, Buggy Camera can move around the ground, providing a varied perspective of the ground as well as the players. IPL’s version provides for smooth movement even at low angles. Even at maximum zoom, the cutting-edge camera technology prevents jitter.

360° Cameras

Image Source- Crictracker

You can’t help but watch a cover drive by an all-time great like Virat Kohli repeatedly. A spectator would want to see the photo from as many different perspectives as possible. Thankfully, the IPL has 360-degree cameras that provide a 360-degree picture of everything on the pitch. This technology was revealed to the audience during the IPL 2021. This system is undoubtedly not inexpensive since 100 cameras must be placed throughout the stadium. The famous strokes, such as Kohli’s cover drive and Rohit‘s pull shot, make the investment worthwhile.


Image Source- Quora

Several innovative technologies have been introduced to the league in recent years, notably the use of Hawk-Eye technology to assist umpires in making judgments on LBW and boundary catches. Hawk-Eye is a very precise technology that tracks the movement of the ball and predicts its course using cameras. The technique is commonly used in television replays to demonstrate to viewers how near a batsman was to his or her ground when the ball was delivered. Hawk-eye’s deployment in the Indian Premier League has been quite successful thus far.

Spider Cam

Image Source- Republic World

The Spider Cam is a form of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as the Flying Fox camera. It is a remote-controlled camera system comprised of a camera fixed on a cable link between two sites. The Spider Cam is used to capture overhead images of the game, providing spectators with a new viewpoint, and boosting the quality of live broadcasts.

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The Tech Marvels: 10 Amazing Technology in IPL You Should Know -KreedOn
Image Source- Jansatta

Snickometers are devices that detect the sound of the ball striking the bat or the player’s gloves. It is used to judge whether a player has nicked the ball and been caught. It has become an indispensable tool for umpires, assisting them in making more precise judgments.

Hot Spot

The Tech Marvels: 10 Amazing Technology in IPL You Should Know -KreedOn
Image Source- Cricket Mastery

The hotspot technology detects whether the ball has struck the bat or the player’s body. It employs thermal imaging to detect the heat produced by the hit. It has proven to be a trustworthy device for umpires in evaluating whether a player has been caught out.

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How are spider Cam used in the IPL?

Spider Cam is used to capture aerial footage of the match, providing viewers with a unique perspective on the action. They can also be used for security and crowd control purposes.

What are the different technologies used in the IPL?

The IPL uses variety of technologies, including real-time player tracking systems, advanced analytics, drones for aerial coverage, LED stumps and bails, high-speed cameras for ultra-slow-motion replays, Quidich Camera, etc.

What are LED stumps and bails in the IPL?

The utilization of LED stumps and bails in the IPL offers a clear visual, when the ball makes contact with the wickets, thereby improving the accuracy of the umpire’s decisions and contributing to the overall thrill of the game.

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