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All About Yo-Yo Test : The Ultimate Fitness Test In Cricket

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Fitness has been an integral part of Cricket and with the rising demands of the sport, the cricketers must be fit and well-equipped to stay fresh and healthy throughout the match. The fitness regime in Cricket has increased manifold. Even domestic cricketers are very passionate about lifting weights and cardio. The cricketers are monitored and evaluated throughout the calendar year. Various tests and fitness routines are carried out for the players. Tests are carried out to check certain parameters of players like Agility, mobility, strength, endurance, reaction time, and speed. One of the famous cricket fitness tests carried out is the Yo Yo test. Cricketers take the Yo-Yo test and a certain score is calculated and based on the score, the Cricketer’s fitness is evaluated and measures are taken. 

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Yo Yo Test in cricket- KreedOn
Image Source: The Indian Express

The selection of players depends on the score of the yo-yo test. If the player does not fulfill the threshold score of the yoyo test, he is not considered for selection. Such is the significance of the Yo Yo Test in today’s world.

Yo Yo Test: Explained

The Yo-Yo test is a version of the Beep test, which is a running aerobic fitness test that includes running between two sets of 20-metre-apart cones. The distance is set to 20 meters to depict the length of the cricket pitch.

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After the beep, the player must reach the cone on the opposite side at the next beep. The player must then return to the first cone before the third beep sounds. The completion of a shuttle is marked by the completion of the return trip.

Yo Yo Intermittent Endurance Testing
Image Source: Soccer Coaching

There is a ten-second break for the players to recover between each shuttle. When the intensity of the shuttle goes up, the period of the break gets reduced. Although not mathematically, the number of shuttles at each level grows as well and this causes the running speed to rise.

The Rigorous test

When the test begins, the player has around 14.4 seconds to complete the 40-meter, followed by a ten-second recuperation period before his next shuttle. If he reaches stage 21, he will only have eight seconds to go 40 meters and must run at a speed of 18 KPH to reach the cones in time.

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Three warnings indicate that the test is coming to an end. The player receives the first warning if he is unable to reach the cone at any moment.

Levels in the test

The player begins with level 5, which consists of one shuttle, and progresses until level 23. Level 9 has one shuttle, Level 11 has two shuttles, Level 12 has three shuttles, Level 13 has four shuttles, and Level 14 has eight shuttles. Each shuttle travels a 40-meter distance.

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Additional criteria along with Yo Yo by the Indian Cricket Team

The BCCI has instituted 2-kilometer time trials to assess Indian players’ speed and endurance.

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With the new inclusion, candidates hoping for a berth in the India team will need to pass this trial in addition to the Yo-Yo exam. According to the rules, fast bowlers must finish 2km in 8 minutes and 15 seconds, while everyone else must do it in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Yo-Yo Test scores for different Countries

India has the lowest yo-yo test scores compared to other test cricket-playing countries. India has a minimum score of 17.1 to be considered for selection. New Zealand tops the chart with 20.1 followed by 19 for England and West Indies and 17.4 for Sri Lanka and Pakistan. 

Australia discontinued the test around 2014-15. They had a minimum score of 19 until they scrapped the test. 

Country Score
New Zealand 20.1
England  19
West Indies  19
Sri Lanka  17.4 
Pakistan  17.4
India  17.1

How to read the Yo-Yo score

The Yo Yo Test measures the speed levels and the number of shuttles. 

For example, 17.1 means that to pass the exam, the players must complete the first shuttle of speed level 17.

Players who failed the Yo-Yo test

Gone are the days when players used to walk into the teams just on the merit of cricketing skills.

Mohammad Shami failed the yo-yo test in 2018 and thereby dropped from the Indian squad. The talented wicketkeeper-batsman Sanju Samson and Ambati Rayadu have too failed the yo-yo test in 2018. 

The mystery Indian spinner Varun Chakravarty was not considered for selection in 2020 until he passed the yoyo test. 

The reliable southpaw Suresh Raina was dropped from the Indian side after failing the yoyo test in 2017. 

Star Indian opener Prithvi Shaw has not been able to secure a place in the Indian team due to a poor score. Washington Sundar had also failed the yo-yo test in the past. 

Umar Akmal was sent home from England on the eve of the Champions Trophy this summer after failing to meet the PCB’s qualification criterion of 17:1.

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Top 5 active Cricketers with the highest Yo-Yo score

There are some surprising inclusions in the list. People might not even have heard about some of the players. The fitness icon, Virat Kohli is not even in the top 5. He is at number 8 with a score of 19. 

Let us have a look at the top 5 cricketers with the highest Yo-Yo score:

Shaan Masood 22.1
Jonny Bairstow 21.8
Mayank Dagar 19.3
Beth Langston  19.2
Mohammad Rizwan 19.2

1)Shaan Masood

highest yo yo test score- KreedOn
Image Source- The Indian Express

The Pakistani left-handed batsman tops the list with a score of 22.1. He achieved the score during the 2017 Champions Trophy. Masood is a fitness freak and is often seen in the gym when not batting. He is lightning-quick on the field covering the distance in no time. 

2) Jonny Bairstow

Image Source- NDTV Sports

The man Yorkshire has a yo-yo test score of 21.8. He sprints on the field covering the distance in a blink of an eye and has a rapid throw that uproots the stumps most of the time. Batsmen don’t even think of getting a double when the cricket ball is near Bairstow. Jonny Bairstow once reckoned he did 17,000 squats in one season as a keeper playing Test cricket alone.

3) Mayank Dagar

yo yo test score Mayank Dagar- KreedOn
Image Source- Facebook

Mayank Dagar’s inclusion in the list might surprise a lot of people. This Indian uncapped player has an astonishing score of 19.3. Dagar has the highest yo-yo score among active Indian cricketers. He broke the record of Manish Pandey who had a score of 19.2. The 25-year-old plays for Himachal Pradesh in Domestic Cricket and was a part of the U-19 Indian World Cup squad in 2016.

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4) Beth Langston 

Image Source-

Beth tops the chart in Women’s Cricket with a score of 19.2. The English fast bowler is very keen on fitness and gym sessions. The healthy yo-yo score has helped her improve the accuracy and speed of her bowling. 

5) Mohammad Rizwan

Image Source- NDTV Sports

Rizwan has a yo-yo score of 19.2. The wicket keeper batsman has worked very hard on his fitness. This immediately showed results and reaped benefits for him. Rizwan still looks fresh even after batting for the entire 20 overs and keeping wickets. 

Is Yo-Yo testing everything?

Ultimately, it is the skill of players that decides the outcome of the match. Yo-yo test challenges you not only physically but also mentally. This test helps you to keep fresh without any fatigue for the entire period of play.

Every ball is an event and a loss in concentration even for milliseconds can be the reason for your downfall. 

According to a BCCI executive, the influence of the exam is visible in the rising levels of Indian players. He said,

“Any athlete who can cross 20 meters in less than three seconds is valuable,” he argues. “It aids fielders in pursuing tough catches on the boundary line.” Assume a man with a level of 15, and if a catch is around 15 meters away, he might just get his fingertips on it. But for someone who can run 20 meters in 2.8 or 2.9 seconds, the same catch will be simple”

The yo-yo test favors batters since it emphasizes the physiological and biomechanical difficulties of batting more than it does the bowlers. The yo-yo exam accurately simulates the task of a top athlete whose job is effort-recovery, whether you are a batsman or a bowler.

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What is the Yo-Yo test in cricket?

The Yo-Yo test in cricket is a fitness assessment that measures a player’s aerobic endurance and stamina. It involves running back and forth between two markers placed 20 meters apart, with progressively shorter time intervals.

Why is the Yo-Yo test important in cricket?

The Yo-Yo test is important in cricket as it helps evaluate a player’s fitness level and their ability to sustain high-intensity physical activity throughout a match. It is used to assess a player’s readiness for competitive cricket and to monitor their fitness progression over time.

How does the Yo-Yo test benefit cricket players?

The Yo-Yo test benefits cricket players by improving their cardiovascular endurance, agility, and recovery capacity. It helps them meet the physical demands of the game, such as running between wickets, fielding, and maintaining performance during long matches or tournaments.

Is the Yo-Yo test the sole criterion for selection in cricket?

The Yo-Yo test is not the sole criterion for selection in cricket. While it is an important factor in assessing a player’s fitness, other aspects such as skill, technique, and overall performance are also considered during selection processes. The Yo-Yo test serves as an additional tool to evaluate a player’s physical capabilities and readiness for the game.

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