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All About Carrom Game | Learn how to be a Striker!

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Carrom is a well-known classic tabletop game that is played in many parts of the world. It is a game of precision and skill that requires players to strike small discs, called carrom men, into pockets on a square board, known as carrom board. People of all ages have enjoyed it for many years. This game is easy to learn but it’s challenging to master it. This is a good source or a great way to spend time with your friends, family, and loved ones. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about the carrom game, its history, rules, board dimensions, board price, and different variations.

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Carrom | History of the game

Carrom Game | History, Rules, Board Dimensions, Board Price | KreedOn
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The exact origin of the game is hazy, however, it is believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century. The game was popularized by the maharajas of India, who used to play the game on their courts. From that point, it spread to other parts of the world, including Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Over time, the game has evolved and taken on various forms. In some countries, the game is known as finger billiards, and in others, it’s called Carambole. Despite the differences and variations, it remains one of the most popular games worldwide. 

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Carrom Men and Striker

Carrom Game | History, Rules, Board Dimensions, Board Price | KreedOn
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Carrom men are small, round pieces that are used to play the game. There are two sets of carrom men, one set in black and the other in white. All the black carrom men are used by one player, and the white carrom men are used by the other player. 

The striker is a larger disc that is used to hit the carrom men to the pocket. The striker is generally made of wood or plastic and has a smooth surface to ensure that it slides easily across the board.

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Carrom powder is also used in the game. It is a type of fine powder that is used to enhance the game’s playability. This powder is applied to the surface of the board to reduce friction and make the carrom men slide more easily.

Carrom Rules 

The rules for the game are relatively basic. The game is played on a square board that is typically made of wood or plywood. The board is divided into four quadrants, with each quadrant containing a pocket. The players take turns one by one striking their carrom men with a striker, aiming to pocket them in the pockets. The player who pockets all of their carrom men first dominates the match.

There are several rules that players must follow when playing carrom. First, the striker must be flicked with a finger, and the player’s hand must not touch the board or any carrom men while flicking the striker. Second, players must alternate turns, and if a player fails to pocket a carrom man, their turn ends. Third, a player can only win the game if they have pocketed all of their carrom men and the queen, before their opponent. 

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Some of the fouls in carrom

  • Striking the striker with the cue: If a player strikes the striker with the cue instead of striking the carrom men, it is considered a foul.
  • Pocketing the striker: If a player pockets the striker, it is considered a foul. The striker should only be used to strike the carrom men.
  • Striker/carrom pieces leaving the Board: If the striker or any other piece leaves the board, it is a foul.
  • Pocketing the opponent’s carrom men: If a player pockets the opponent’s carrom men, it is considered a foul. The player should only aim to pocket their own carrom men.
  • Pocketing the final piece before the queen: If a player pockets the final piece before the Queen has been covered, then it is considered a foul.
  • Touching the diagonal lines: If a player touches the diagonal lines while taking a shot, it is considered a foul.
  • Playing out of turn: If a player takes their turn out of order, it is considered a foul.

These are some fouls in carrom. It is important for players to be aware of these fouls and avoid making them to avoid giving their opponent an advantage.

Dimensions and Boards of the Game

Carrom Game | History, Rules, Board Dimensions, Board Price | KreedOn
Image Source: Amazon

The standard size of a carrom board is 29 inches by 29 inches, with a playing area of 28 inches by 28 inches. However, there are other sizes available, including a 52-inch carrom board which is popular in some parts of the world. The board is generally made of plywood or wood and is coated with a smooth finish to ensure that the carrom men slide smoothly across the surface. 

The carrom board has markings that indicate the placement of the carrom men at the beginning of the game. There are also markings that indicate the position of the queen, which is a special carrom man that must be pocketed before the player can win the game. 

Carrom Board Price

The price of a carrom board online can vary depending on the size and the quality of the board. A standard-sized carrom board can cost anywhere from Rs 2000-4000, while a 52-inch board price can cost up to Rs 8000 or more.

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Carrom Disc pool

Carrom Disc pool is a popular variation of the classic game that is played with smaller, disc-shaped carrom men. This game is played on a smaller board and is often faster-paced than traditional carrom.

Carrom Disc pool is a popular game that is also played online. There are numerous websites and apps that offer Carrom Disc pool games which can be played on computer or mobile device. These online versions of the game are often free and can be a great way to practice your skills and prepare your mind. So, gather some friends, set up a board, and get ready to have some fun! 

Present and Future of the Game

Carrom originated in India but has since spread to other parts across the globe, including Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. 

At present, it remains a popular game in many countries, with numerous tournaments and competitions held each year. The surge in popularity is also seen in recent years thanks to online gaming platforms. This allow players from around the world to come together and compete virtually.

Looking toward the future, it is likely that the game will continue to thrive as a beloved game. As technology continues to evolve, it may even become more accessible and interactive for people. 


Overall, carrom is a timeless classic that has withstood the test of time. Its unique combination of skill, strategy, and fun ensures that it will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Where did Carrom originate?

The game originated in India. One classic carrom board with glass surface is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India.

Who invented carrom for the first time?

It originated in the 18th century, and was invented by the Indian maharajas.

Which finger is used to play carrom?

To play the game, place the index finger at the edge of the striker and place your palm on the board. Then use your thumb to generate the pressure on your index finger. Now you need to release the index finger to push the striker forward to hit the carrom men.

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