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Acrylic Flooring | Innovative method for longlasting turfs – Rebound Ace

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Acrylic Flooring in India: Professional sports need to have venues of professional standards in matters of comfort, facility, and injury resistance. In almost every school, college, village, and colony have at least a ground. But the quality is often compromised by the infrastructure owners. It is mostly due to negligence and no desire to build & provide a good sports infrastructure for the people. Spending on sports infrastructure is still the least prioritized investment in India.

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For many owners, investing in sports infrastructure is just a matter of revenue generation by attracting more & more property buyers. They pay the least attention to the quality, durability & material while constructing a sports-specific infrastructure in any project. High cost is generally a myth that has homed in minds of many properties owners. Which is absolutely not true. Acrylic flooring is one of the most economical methods to construct a good sports floor. Durability, safety of people & low maintenance are the add ons coming with Acrylic flooring.

In most sports, it is important to play on the courts or floor which are anti glare, force reductive & slip-resistant. For any sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, netball, skating, or handball, to achieve great comfort and durability, acrylic synthetic flooring should be the primary choice. 

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What is acrylic flooring?

Acrylic flooring | KreedOn
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Acrylic flooring is an innovative method in the field of sports. It is used in several sports for developing perfect sports turfs. Acrylic flooring guarantees textured, shock-absorbing, non-slip surfaces for sporting turfs, fields, and courts. Hard surfaces like RCC or asphalt are required to make acrylic courts. The product is obtained after processing these components with water. While applying acrylic synthetic floor on outdoor courts, the temperature should be more than 10 degrees Celsius. And there must be no rain or snow. This is because of the acrylic floor adhesive limit.

How to do Acrylic flooring?

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A water-based acrylic resin or any other type of synthetic is used to strengthen the acrylic. It provides a relaxed movement to athletes. Acrylic is applied to the concrete or asphalt using a special adhesive & built by the process of layer after layer. The application is a simple process. The field or court to be coated must be plain.

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Rebound Ace India – Your Sports Infra Expert

This expert article is brought to you by Rebound Ace India. Rebound Sports is an industry leader with more than 15 years of experience when it comes to Sports Infrastructure for any sport. They are specialized in Wooden Flooring, Acrylic flooring, Rubber Flooring, Astroturf, and several other types of sports flooring in India. Rebound Ace India manufactures world-class long-lasting sports products based on patented technologies and rigorous R&D.

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Why prefer acrylic flooring over other floorings?

  • Provides agility and speed of play due to the relaxation in movement
  • Can be applied on concrete, asphalt, and already existing courts with synthetic acrylic coating
  • Acrylic flooring is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor settings
  • The surface is hard and shock absorbent which allows room for multiple sports
  • Acrylic flooring is perfect for any weather conditions, even during extreme heat, rain, or snow


  • Waterproof 
  • Hygienic, durable and performance-based 
  • Repairing is easy in instances of deformation and this has a very little maintenance cost 
  • The topcoat covering is shaded with UV colours. It protects the quality of the flooring and provide comfort to the players.
  • A good quality acrylic court can be even played on damp conditions.
  • Provides amazing grip and postures for the players. The chances of getting slipped are nearly 0 percent. 
  • Low application cost.

Wooden Flooring in India KreedOn

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Why it is important?

Acrylic flooring is important in all outdoor sports because a wooden floor will not work in open-air conditions. The two major grand slams, US Open & Australian Open are played on the acrylic courts. Acrylic synthetic flooring is a perfect solution for sports like badminton, handball, netball, volleyball & skating. It is one of the most economical materials and has a low application cost. In India, the cost of acrylic flooring is very less for a quality sports surface. Given the durability and very few upkeep costs, there seems no better option.

Types of Acrylic Flooring

There are several types of Acrylic flooring or layer systems, only two of them have been mentioned below:

  • the 5-layer system
  • the 8-layer system

The 5-layer system contains a Primer, Resurfacer, two layers of Colour Base Coat. And a layer of UV Protected Colour coat along with Line marking.

Whereas, the 8-layer system consists of the same Primer and Resurfacer followed by three layers of cushion before the two layers of the Colour Base Coat. And the UV Protected Colour coat layer.

Acrylic floors are visually appealing as well. It comes in five standard shades as Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, and Red.

(There are several types of acrylic flooring that are currently being used by owners while constructing properties)

Badminton flooring KreedOn

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How Acrylic flooring is solving the problems of the Indian sports ecosystem?

For anyone aspiring to a profession in sports, they need to be trained in a professional manner. Professionalism includes high-quality infrastructure and, in those terms, India is way behind other competing nations. Synthetic acrylic flooring is the economical and easiest way to upgrade sporting fields and courts that suits multiple events like tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, and netball. Great durability, slip resistance, floor reduction, shock-absorbent, and cushion thickness ensure maximum safety and comfort to bring the best out of every athlete.


Countries that excel in sports like the USA, China, and Japan have high functional sports infrastructure. Even countries that are economically and geographically tinier than India like Cuba, Lithuania, and Croatia have put on a better performance in popular events like the Olympics. The ignorance of the administrators and engineers based on the notion that ‘talent can flourish under any circumstances is only doing harm to the future of Indian sports. They face major performance difficulties during the shift from local grounds to professional turfs and courts. It’s just like playing with the boots on for the first time after years of barefoot football. 

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