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Alisha Abdullah : India’s 1st Female Super-bike Champion

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Alisha Abdullah, who got the motivation to be a part of this high adrenaline sport from her father, says racing has been her passion, will follow it for the rest of her life.

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Alisha Abdullah: The story of India’s Vrooming Girl

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When girls her age were playing with dolls, this female Bike Rider was gaining accolades for go-karting races. Daughter of the famous racer R A Abdullah, who is a seven-time national champion, racing came naturally to her.

Alisha says, “It would not be far-fetched to say that I was born on the race tracks!”

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Alisha won the MRF National Go-Karting Championship in the National Level Formula Car Racing in the open class when she was 13, and then moved on to full-fledged professional car and bike racing.

A tomboy at heart, she swings between extremes when it comes to fashion. At any given point of time Alisha Abdullah is seen in her workout gear, whether she is practising on the tracks or hitting the gym. But she does like to dress up occasionally and can pose for magazine covers with the ease like a professional model.

Early years of Alisha Abdullah

Growing up in Chennai, which along with Coimbatore constitutes the racing hub in India, Alisha developed a love and passion for bikes and cars. She stood fifth in formula car racing in the JK Tyre National Championship, 2004.

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That same year at the age of 15, Alisha decided to try her hand at bike racing. She had been riding 110 cc bikes, but for the competition, she went ahead with 600 cc superbikes and competed confidently with male bikers.

For years biking was her passion, but an accident in 2010 led her put bikes away for a few years.

Alisha says, “I had had injuries before but the crash was upsetting. I didn’t want to race bikes anymore, though I loved it.” She moved to car racing and made her mark. She says, “With cars, even if you crash into a barrier, there’s a far higher chance of getting up and walking away uninjured.”

Alisha Abdullah is Breaking Stereotypes

India is largely seen as a highly patriarchal society. The women here are expected to leave their dreams for the sake of family they have to raise. Though our women have shown repeatedly that they can be as good as males in any area, yet women drivers are looked upon with raise eyebrows in this country.

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Not just India, the stereotype exists all over the world that women cannot drive. But today, we will show you the story of a girl who defied all odds to become India’s first female Superbike champion.

Meet Alisha Abdullah, who got the motivation to be a part of this high adrenaline sport from her father. Racing has been her passion and neither her long hair nor the crashes were able to stop her from achieving what she was destined for. So if you still think women cannot drive, watch this video and then maybe you can challenge her for a race and experience it yourself.

We at KreedOn feel really proud when we see people like her breaking stereotypes like this.

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