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Top 10 Affordable Cricket Shoes for Men Under 2000 in India

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One of the most cherished and well-liked games in the world is cricket, which we adore playing whenever we get the chance. Cricket demands an array of equipment, including essential gear like bats, balls, pads, gloves, shoes, and helmets, emphasizing the sport’s need for specialized tools to ensure player safety and performance. Aspiring cricketers must own high-quality shoes to become professional players. Good cricket shoes are a must if you want to keep your feet safe from harm. If you want to add extra protection to your feet, then check out the top best affordable cricket shoes from Puma, Adidas, SG, and a whole lot more. So, find out best cricket shoes for men under 2000 in India.

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Best Cricket Shoes for Men Under 2000  Shoes 
1 DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes For Men 
2 DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes 
3 BAS Vampire Cricket Shoes 
5 SG Prokick Spinner Cricket Shoes 
5 PRO ASE Men’s Cricket Shoes 
6 Puma Mens Cricket Highrun Cricket Shoes 
7 SG Premium Cricket Stud
8 DSC Biffer 22 Cricket Shoes for men 
9 Puma Boys Evospeed Jr. V2C Cricket Shoes 
10 Grade Pacer Cricket Shoes for men 

DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes for Men

DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes for Mens (Light Weight | Economical | Durable)

Introducing cricket shoes for amateur players with a durable PVC design, lightweight outsole, and toe/heel protection for safety. Enjoy superior cushioning and perfect traction with the high-traction, double-colored outsole. These all-rounder shoes suit batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and wicket keepers. The comfy EVA sock liner and stylish white, blue, or white-red options make them a reliable choice to elevate your cricket game.

Pros  Cons
Highly durable Not Water Resistant

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DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Men

DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Featuring a lightweight combination of punched synthetic leather and breathable mesh, these shoes offer reduced weight, durability, and flexibility. The high-frequency embossed design adds a distinctive touch, while the high-grade rubber outsole with rounded lugs ensures multidirectional grip and enhanced traction. Stability is provided by the quality external TPU midfoot shank, and reduced foot fatigue is guaranteed. Experience superior cushioning with the quality EVA midsole, along with a Comfort Breathable and Supersoft EVA sockliner for a snug, comfortable fit. It is one of the best cricket shoes under 2000.

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Pros  Cons
Lightweight Not Water Resistant
Made with Synthetic Leather No Heel

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BAS Vampire Cricket Shoes

BAS Vampire Cricket Shoes

The synthetic upper of these shoes, featuring embossing, works to maintain healthy, cool, and dry feet. Mesh is strategically used at the collar for added cushioning. The heel counter, typically made of a stiff plastic material, enhances fit and stability. The outsole, crafted from a genuine rubber compound, ensures flexibility and durability. To improve shock absorption and joint protection, molded EVA is used in the midsole.

Pros  Cons
Highly flexible Flat Heel Type
Comfortable and lightweight

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SG Prokick Spinner Cricket Shoe

SG Prokick Spinner Cricket Shoe

These shoes feature a durable mesh and PVC upper with superior wear resistance. The design includes a pleasing color combination, excellent flexing, durability, and reinforced strength. The breathable mesh upper lining enhances comfort. Categorized under “Mens,” suitable for adults, and styled as platform sneakers, they are waterproof and sport a white, navy, or orange color scheme.

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Pros  Cons
Water resistance Not any cons

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PRO ASE Men’s Cricket Shoe

PRO ASE Men’s Cricket Shoe Limited Edition Elite Performance Rubber Spike Cricket Shoes | Red/Blue/Green/Orange | Unisex Cricket Shoes | Mid-Foot Support Heel Responsive

Introducing versatile cricket shoes for amateurs and recreational players, boasting high durability, a contemporary design, and a lightweight outsole with toe and heel protection. Featuring ventilation holes for breathability, these all-rounders provide superior cushioning and traction on the ground. Crafted with PU upper material for wear resistance, vent holes enhance breathability, and a breathable mesh lining ensures comfort. The high-grade EVA insock adds to the overall comfort and fit. It is one of the best cricket shoes under 2000.

Pros Cons 
Ventilation holes Flat Heel
Wear resistance

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Puma Men’s Cricket Highrun Cricket Shoe

Puma Mens Cricket Highrun Cricket Shoe

Cricket HighRun is a cricket shoe designed for style and performance. This model, named for its Cricket HighRun features, showcases a vibrant Blue Amazing-Orange Glow-White color palette under the brand’s color scheme. Crafted from synthetic material, these shoes are not only fashionable but also durable. For care, simply wipe them with a clean, dry cloth to maintain their sleek appearance. Elevate your cricket style with the Cricket HighRun, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Pros Cons
Stylish Not Water Resistant
Made with synthetic material

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SG Premium Cricket Stud

SG Premium Cricket Stud Scorer 5.0 UK

premium cricket studs designed for men, featuring a durable mesh and PVC upper with high wear and tear resistance. The 2-tone color combination not only provides a stylish look but also ensures a good flexing cycle, durability, super strength, and a perfect finish. The molded stiffener contributes to a secure fit, while the all-weather grip, anti-slip properties, and water-resistant design make these studs ideal for various playing conditions. Elevate your cricket performance with these high-quality, versatile cricket studs.

Pros  Cons
Wear resistance Not any cons

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DSC Biffer 22 Cricket Shoes for Men

DSC Biffer 22 Cricket Shoes for Mens

These shoes boast a molded EVA sockliner for comfort, a contemporary style with a high-frequency embossed design, and a high-grade rubber outsole with rounded lugs for multidirectional grip. The quality external TPU midfoot shank enhances stability and reduces foot fatigue. With a high-quality suspension system in the heels for effective shock absorption, these shoes deliver comfort, style, and performance in a compact, technologically advanced package.

Pros  Cons
Rubber outsole
Not Water Resistant
Enhance stability

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Puma Boys Evospeed Jr. V2Cricket Shoe

Puma Boys Evospeed Jr V2Cricket Shoe

EvoSpeed Jr. V2, a stylish cricket shoe designed for optimal performance. This cricket shoe, in a brand color combination of white, fast yellow, and ultra orange, is crafted from high-quality synthetic leather. To keep them in pristine condition, simply wipe them with a clean, dry cloth. Elevate your cricket game with the EvoSpeed Jr. V2, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

Pros  Cons
Easy to clean Size can be an issue

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Grade Pacer Cricket Shoes for Men

Grade Pacer Cricket Shoes for Men with Memory Foam Comfort | Rubber Spike Cricket Shoes for Boys | Super Comfortable & Lightweight Cricket Shoes Men | Mens Cricket Shoes

These sturdy rubber shoes include a lace-up fastening and a flat heel for added comfort. They are made to survive a variety of weather conditions, thanks to their water-resistant qualities. Rubber is used for the sole to provide dependable traction on the cricket field. These Indian-made sneakers, which combine elegance and utility for a premium sports footwear experience, embody the essence of cricket.

Pros  Cons 
Flat heel No Cons
Quite comfortable

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