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India’s first semi-pro football league: Adidas Creators Premier League

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Who is the best footballer in the world? While the world worships FC Barcelona’s wizard – Lionel Messi, there are yet, hundreds of millions Cristiano Ronaldo faithful, who would argue fervently for CR7’s case.

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As we all love tracking records, debating on our favourite team, or a FIFA battle, opting ‘football’ professionally is almost a thing of dreams. Besides, dribbling past college years, life makes men out of boys. With time come responsibilities and tedious working hours. Many working professionals hardly get time to engage in physical activities.

Ranvijay Singha, Partner Adidas Creator Premier League

Playing the ‘beautiful game’ is an experience of sheer joy, teamed with a formidable engagement of the body and mind. And, legends are made by honing talent at the grass-roots level.

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So doesn’t playing football make an appealing case for crushing fitness goals and yet, indulging in team building corporate exercises?

The answer is to go ‘Semi Pro’ and take the first step towards it.

Ranvijay Singha, Partner Adidas Creator Premier League
Ranvijay (Left) and Hemant Sharma (Right)

Adidas Creators Premier League

Lead by an avid sport’s fan and entrepreneur- Hemant Sharma, (Co- Founder) IT Magia, a premier Sports Management Company. This Delhi boy in association with Adidas has been working with a meticulous vision of building a strong foundation for the Sports ecosystem in India, by providing a platform for semi-pro footballers and corporate professionals to play in pan-India tournaments.

Being the captain of his college football team at the age of 21, Hemant found his love for the beautiful game in his formative years, based out of Thailand. His journey made him combine the passion for the sport, with his keen entrepreneurial mind. And, with his strategic vision for promoting football in India, he launched IT Magia along with his business partner, Arpit Gupta.

Ranvijay Singha, Partner Adidas Creator Premier League

Belling the cat within a short time span of 6 years, he has organized a plethora of countrywide tournaments and leagues, encompassing various semi-pro leagues, major corporations and embassies. IT Magia’s- ‘The Legends Cup’ is India’s biggest corporate football tournament with more than 400 teams participating over a period of two days in 6 cities. Playing big, IT Magia has worked with over 1500 corporate giants, including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Adidas, Red Bull, Budweiser and Huawei.

Because of the sheer scale of its events, IT Magia has also managed to get itself a place in Limca Book of Records, for organizing the biggest corporate tournament in India. They are proud creators of India’s first-ever semi-professional football league: ‘Adidas Creators Premier League’. The men behind this creation- Hemant Sharma and Arpit Gupta- aims to grow further and connect the unconventional league format with more sports in years to come.

How is a quick overview of how the format looks;


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