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Gestures of Grace: When Indian Athletes Displayed Unforgettable Sportsmanship

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Indian athletes not only showcase remarkable skills in their respective sports but also display an unwavering commitment to sportsmanship and humanity. Despite their excellence in the competitive arena, these athletes don’t hesitate to extend a helping hand to their opponents in times of trouble. Their acts of compassion and selflessness shine through, reflecting the values of fair play and camaraderie. By upholding such principles, these athletes make their nation proud through their outstanding performances and serve as inspiring role models for the younger generations. Through their sportsmanship, they exemplify the true spirit of sports, transcending victories and accolades to foster a sense of unity and respect within the global sporting community.

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5 Memorable Acts of Sportsmanship by Indian Athletes

Yogeshwar Dutt and his Olympic Spirit

5 Indian Athletes Displayed Unforgettable Sportsmanship | KreedOn

Yogeshwar Dutt won the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. However, the silver medallist, Besik Khudukov, was later proven guilty of doping charges. This meant Yogeshwar’s medal would be upgraded to silver.

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He showed his happiness on Twitter at first but later he said “Besik Kudukhov was a terrific wrestler. Sadly, his dope test was positive after his death (Kudukhov died in 2013 in a car crash in his home country). As a sportsman, I have great respect for him. The medal should remain with his family if possible. It will keep his family’s honor intact. For me, humanity is above everything.” Later on, Khudukov was disqualified but Yogeshwar had shown a symbol of humanity and the Olympic spirit.

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India’s Women’s Kabaddi Team Displayed Respect for Values

5 Indian Athletes Displayed Unforgettable Sportsmanship - KreedOn
Acts of Sportsmanship – Indian Women’s Kabaddi Team

During India vs Iran gold-medal match in the women’s kabaddi event final at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the Indian team showed winning is not everything.

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During that clash, one of the Iranian raiders, accidentally had her ‘hijab’ displaced while a raid was on. She immediately froze because of the discomfort and could have easily been trapped by the defenders then. Instead, the Indians chose to help her cover her face and put the hijab back in place.

MS Dhoni: Captain of Gentlemen’s Game

5 Indian Athletes Displayed Unforgettable Sportsmanship - KreedOn
Acts of Sportsmanship – MS Dhoni

During the 2015-16 series against India, Faf du Plessis experienced cramps when he was close to reaching his hundred in an ODI match at Wankhede. Faf Du Plessis fell and pulled his hamstring. MS Dhoni noticed his struggle and immediately offered help to stretch without waiting for the physio or South African teammates.

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Birendra Lakra against Pakistan over Penalty Corner

Image Source- Times of India

The referee wasn’t so sure about the corner and he was going to contact the review umpire. But, Lakra came running up to him and said, “It is a penalty corner, please don’t use up their last referral, your position was such that you might have missed it.”

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The referee promptly acknowledged his error and stopped the review process. Although the subsequent penalty corner didn’t result in a goal for Pakistan, what truly stood out was the exceptional sportsmanship displayed during a match with significant stakes. The Pakistan coach K M Junaid even went and embraced Lakra.

PV Sindhu displays respect for the game after Rio 2016 Final

Acts of Sportsmanship – PV Sindhu

After the narrow loss, PV Sindhu sat down on the court, visibly saddened. Despite her emotions, she waved to the crowd and went over to Carolina Marin, helping her to her feet. In a remarkable act of sportsmanship, Sindhu noticed Marin’s racquet on the ground, where it had been flung in excitement. She picked it up and placed it carefully beside Marin’s bag. This gesture exemplified her profound respect for the sport and her opponents, showcasing the true spirit of sportsmanship.

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