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What is Parkour Sports? Know History, Techniques, Famous Players, Facts – All Details

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Parkour is an exhilarating sport that originated in France, characterized by efficient movement, creative problem-solving, and adaptability. It goes beyond traditional sports, emphasizing free movement, self-improvement, and a strong mind-body connection. In this sport, practitioners aim to move swiftly and efficiently from one point to another using a combination of running, climbing, jumping, swinging, and flipping to overcome obstacles in their path without the use of any kind of equipment. Free running encourages creative and agile movements, and practitioners learn to see their environment in a new way, envisioning how they can navigate it with fluidity and grace. It can be practiced alone or with others and is a versatile activity that can be done anywhere, offering a unique and thrilling way to interact with one’s surroundings. 

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History of Parkour Sport

David Belle, Image Source- VG 247

Parkour, as a sport and discipline, originated in France in the late 1980s. It was primarily developed by David Belle and his group of friends known as Yamasaki. However, the roots of Parkour can be traced back to David’s father, Raymond Belle, who was a firefighter and a veteran of the French military. Raymond Belle learned various movements and techniques during his military training, which involved overcoming obstacles and navigating challenging terrains efficiently. He later passed on this knowledge to his son David, who further refined and expanded upon these movements. David Belle and his friends pioneered “I’art du déplacement,” the art of movement, which later evolved into the popular sport of Parkour.

They aimed to find the most efficient and practical ways to move through their urban environment, overcoming obstacles with speed, precision, and creativity. The term “Parkour” was coined by David Belle’s close friend, Hubert Koundé. He was inspired by the French phrase “parcours du combattant,” which means “obstacle course,” a term used in the military for training courses with various obstacles to overcome. The term “Parkour” eventually replaced “I’art du déplacement,” and it gained popularity as the discipline started to spread beyond its origin in France.

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Parkour Techniques

What is Parkour Sports? Know History, Techniques, Famous Players, Facts – KreedOn Details
Image Source- ACKO

Precision Jump in Parkour 

A precision jump involves leaping from one specific point to another with accuracy and control. It requires precise foot placement to land safely on the target.

Wall Run 

A wall run is a technique where practitioners run towards a wall, place one or both feet on it, and use the wall’s momentum to reach higher or farther distances.

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Cat Leap

A cat leap involves jumping from one point to another while grabbing onto the target with the hands, resembling a cat’s agile movement.

Kong Vault

The Kong vault is a common vaulting technique where practitioners dive forward, place their hands on an obstacle, and then pass their legs between their arms to clear the obstacle smoothly.

Lazy Vault in Parkour 

The lazy vault is used to navigate low obstacles. It involves swinging one leg over an obstacle while placing the same-side hand on the obstacle to assist the movement.

Dash Vault

The dash vault is a quick vault where practitioners approach an obstacle at a run, place one hand on the obstacle’s edge, and kick their legs over it while maintaining momentum.

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Side Flip (Aerial)

The side flip, also known as an aerial, is an acrobatic movement where the practitioner performs a sideways flip while in mid-air.


An underbar involves passing under an obstacle by swinging the body beneath it while holding onto the edges and keeping the feet off the ground.


A lache is a dynamic movement that involves swinging from one bar or object to another without touching the ground in between.

Wall Climb

Wall climbing in Parkour refers to using a combination of upper body strength and leg power to ascend vertical walls or obstacles.

Reverse Vault

The reverse vault involves vaulting over an obstacle with the back facing the obstacle. This can be done using various vaulting techniques.


The Parkour roll is a crucial technique used to disperse the impact of landing, reducing the stress on the body and preventing injuries.

Tic Tac in Parkour 

A tic-tac is a move where practitioners jump from a wall or obstacle using one foot to gain extra height or distance.

Parkour Sport Facts

What is Parkour Sports? Know History, Techniques, Famous Players, Facts – KreedOn Details
Image Source- Come On
  • Parkour is not just a sport; it is also a discipline and a way of life. It emphasizes efficiency, adaptability, and creative problem-solving in overcoming obstacles.
  • Parkour has no predefined movements or tricks. It focuses on swift movements with minimal risk of injury.
  • Modern Parkour is said to be founded by David Belle and Sebastian Foucan and they have pushed it into films and video games.
  • Parkour practitioners are known as “Traceurs”-simply because they “trace” their way through the environment and across, under and over various obstacles.
  • Parkour is non-competitive in its traditional form. The focus is on personal growth, self-improvement, and the joy of movement.
  • Parkour offers numerous fitness benefits, including improved strength, agility, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Parkour has various generations each representing a stage of its development and influence, with the Yamakasi considered the first generation.

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Famous Players In Parkour Sport

  • Travis Verkaik
  • Edward Scott
  • Nathan Weston
  • Ryan Doyle
  • Stefanny Navarro
  • Noa Man
  • Damien Walters
  • Chase Armitage
  • Miranda Tibbling
  • Tim Shief
  • Sebastien Foucan
  • George Magowan


Parkour and free running, a physically demanding sport, necessitates proper training, conditioning, and self-awareness. Safety should be paramount, gradually progressing in difficulty to minimize risks. With a global community of “Traceurs,” this art of motion encourages navigating obstacles with grace in urban and natural surroundings.

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