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7 Best cricket websites for every cricket lover [Updated]

Here are the 7 cricket websites that will help you get the best of the sport…

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Cricket, a sport, and religion to many people out there. If one decides to lean back comfortably in a taxi and enjoy Mumbai’s tour, his eyes will gaze upon one common thing; kids playing cricket. There are so many in India that pick up a bat and dream of becoming a Tendulkar or Dhoni or a Kohli, but not every dream realise. As beautiful as the game to play, so is it to watch. India definitely rules the world when it comes to cricket viewership.

  •         The India vs New Zealand semi-final of 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup drew 25.3 million viewers on Hotstar. It created a world record for the highest-ever concurrent viewership of a live stream.
  •         The India vs Pakistan group stage match the 2019 World Cup became the most-watched match with 273 million viewers watching TV coverage, and the digital platform’s coverage saw an extra 50 million unique viewers
  •         All the cumulative viewership of different matches made 2019 Cricket World Cup the most-watched ICC event ever with 1.6 billion audiences watching live coverage and a unique broadcast audience of a whopping 705 million!

There are times when people prefer to have a view on just the scorecard and not the coverage due to some obvious reasons. Owing to time shortages, people prefer crisp updates instead of watching the full coverage.

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Here we help you with some of the best cricket websites out there on the internet, which will give you an apt cricket analysis.

ESPN Cricinfo

Cricket Websites: ESPNCricinfo | Credits: ANI News

There is a reason as to why it is one of the most popular cricket websites. ESPNCricinfo provides the most detailed statistics. If you want to know the complete report (scorecard, MoM, etc.) of the matches played at say Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, the website provides you format-wise results of the matches played at the stadium.

The ball-by-ball coverage, the pre-match coverage, and the post-match coverage are incredible.

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The website was launched on 15th March 1993 by Simon King and Badri Seshadri. While the former is a British researcher at the University of Minnesota, the later a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. They also received help from students and researchers at universities around the world.

The website also features articles and blogs from cricket experts like Akash Chopra, Sanjay Manjrekar, and Ian Chappell.

Cricinfo was the culmination of a series of attempts that were made to simply inform a guy that a match had happened a day or five days back, and this was the result. That was actually it, nothing beyond that

          Badri Seshadri, co-founder of Cricinfo, in his article “The bot called Cricinfo”

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Cricket Websites KreedOn
Cricket Websites: ESPNCricinfo | Credits:

Best, crisp analysis is a crucial feature of Cricbuzz. The home page of Cricbuzz and ESPNCricinfo are pretty much the same in the structure.

Cricbuzz was founded in 2004 by Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde. In November of 2014, Times Internet acquired a majority stake in Cricbuzz. GoCricket, which was launched by Times Internet in early 2014, was merged with Cricbuzz to create the largest cricket news platform.

In December of 2016, Cricbuzz roped in Harsha Bhogle, one of the finest commentators of cricket into a program called ‘Voice of Cricket’. Harsha Bhogle’s videos primarily include blogs and reviews of players and teams apart from match previews. On 20th April 2017, Cricbuzz announced that Bhogle’s videos crossed the magical figure of 100 million views across its platforms. His videos generated an average viewership of over 5 lakhs on a daily basis.


Cricket Websites KreedOn
Cricket Websites: ESPNCricinfo | Credits: Wisden

Probably one of the oldest and the most interesting cricket website out there on the internet. The history of the website is more like a fairy tale.

In the mid-nineteenth century there was a very prominent cricketer nicknamed “the Little Wonder.” OK! His real name was John Wisden. Wisden had an idea that led him to sell all his sports equipment and turning into the publishing side. He produced the inaugural Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack in 1864. Wisden was probably the leading multi-sports equipment brand in England in the early part of the 20th century.

Even after years, Wisden continues to maintain its sacredness. Wisden’s cricketers Almanack is often labeled as the ‘Bible of Cricket’.

On its homepage, Wisden features a very disciplined context with respect to cricket and its coverage. There is a match centre where all the updates of live matches are available. It also details the upcoming fixtures, the results of completed matches, and hosts a complete series achieve. Wisden has numerous stories centred around cricket and also has many podcasts and videos around cricket.


Cricket Websites KreedOn
Cricket Websites: ESPNCricinfo | Credits:

This is a very interesting one! If you happen to visit the Cricket365 website, definitely pay a visit to Our Ethos section. Here is a very interesting excerpt from that section, credit entirely goes to Cricket365:

“We love cricket and almost everything about it, and we’re excited to share it all with you, whether it’s Virat Kohli’s effortless glide towards all-time greatness, Monty Panesar having a televised quiz meltdown or David Warner batting right-handed.”

As compared to the other websites, Cricket365 apart from having the features of live coverage, features and event-wise special coverage (ex. Ashes, World Cup, etc) it features a collection of articles and blogs by top writers like Dave Tickner, Dan Liebke, Alex Bowden, John Nicolson, Will Ford and James Butler. They all cover a wide range of cricket centric topics.

ICC Cricket

Cricket Websites KreedOn
Cricket Websites: ESPNCricinfo | Credits: IBTimes India

There is possibly anything more one could tell than what the name justifies. It is the official website cum app of the International Cricket Council, which covers all current international fixtures along with results, videos, ICC news, and rankings. Probably the most authentic and reliable website in terms of the information provided. This is the best place for all the cricket enthusiasts who are hungry for all ICC developments and announcements.

A detailed schedule of all kinds of tours, be it men’s cricket or women’s cricket is available on the website.


Cricket Websites KreedOn
Cricket Websites: ESPNCricinfo | Credits:

Enough of stats and fixtures! Let’s breathe in easy and pay a visit to the home of cricket “Lord’s”. The place holds a special memory in every cricket fan’s heart in some or the other way. For Indians, Dada’s jersey swing in the balcony of Lord’s is immemorable. The iconic honours boards and the peculiar tradition of ringing the bell to signal 5 minutes to the start of the play and the history associated with it, are available on the website. Also, one can get to know more about the famous Lord’s Dining Club on their website. But one of the most beautiful things about the website is the iconic image of the Lord’s stadium on the main page.



KreedOn is a sports-rich content website which covers not only cricket but other sports too. The website hosts a plethora of athlete stories and biographies. It also includes all the latest happenings around the Indian sports ecosystem. From expert blogs to articles involving in-depth analysis, the website provides you with A to Z of the Indian sports and its developments.

Kartik Gai
Kartik Gai
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