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5 Mountain Climber Variations to Suit All Fitness Levels and Objectives: Climb to Success

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Would you like to add some variations to your workout routine? You can give mountain climbers a try! From the most challenging mountain climber to the easiest one, everyone can find a variation that suits their unique skills and abilities. With these adaptable workouts, you can literally become a pro on the fitness field. These mountain climber variations can be applied by anybody and everybody regardless of their fitness level or aspiration. Whether you are just starting gym or have been exercising for a while, there would surely be an appropriate mountain climber variation for you. And the best part is, you don’t need any equipment, but yourself and a little space. Let us now explore 5 mountain climber variations that work for every fitness level and goal. 

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Benefits of Mountain Climbers 

Benefits of Mountain Climber | KreedOn
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  1. Full-body workout: Mountain Climbers involve several groups of muscles at the same time including the core, the arms, the shoulders, and the legs.
  1. Cardiovascular fitness: Climbing mountains boosts heart rate, which can be used as a cardiovascular workout at any place without using any equipment.
  1. Core strength: They give support to the inner muscles that are essential for stability and balance.
  1. Endurance: Regular mountain climbers are one of the ways of increasing muscular endurance which enables you to conduct other activities with less fatigue.
  1. Flexibility: The unstable motion of mountain climbers helps you flexibility primarily in the hips and back area.

Implementing mountain climbers to your training program can lead to gradual improvement of your physical fitness and functional strength.

Variations of Mountain Climbers 

High Plank

The high plank is a key exercise that strengthens your core muscles, shoulders and arms. 

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You can practice High Plank by following the given steps:

  1. Begin in the push-up position with your hands directly under your shoulders and the rest of your body forming a straight line from your head to your toes.
  2. Draw your belly button towards the spine and squeeze your glutes to activate the abdominal muscles.
  3. Make sure that your wrists are in line with your shoulders and that your fingers are spread wide in order to distribute the weight evenly.
  4. Set your shoulders in the position above your wrist to keep proper alignment.
  5. Hold the position for 45 to 60 seconds while breathing regularly and tensing all of your muscles.
  6. Do not sag your hips or arch your lower back; instead, keep your whole body in a straight line from head to heels.
  7. Concentrate on holding a powerful and firm core along the exercise.

The regular exercise of the high plank can significantly enhance core strength, balance, and posture. It is necessary to use correct form while doing the exercise to optimize its usefulness and minimize the chance of being injured.

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Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

Cross-body mountain climbers are a dynamic variation of traditional mountain climber exercise, targeting the obliques, core, and shoulders.

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You can practise Cross-Body Mountain Climbers by following the given steps:

  1. Take a plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to heels.
  2. Engaging core muscles and keeping stability are essential.
  3. Bring your right knee to your left elbow, making a diagonal hook with your body.
  4. Bring your right leg back to the starting position and then do the exercise on the other side, bringing your left knee to your right elbow.
  5. Make sure that you alternate the sides in a very systematic manner so as to maintain proper form and keep your hips level.
  6. Strive for smooth and constant motion to avoid sharp twisting or quick jerks.
  7. Maintain your breath throughout the exercise and keep your core muscles contracted to achieve better results.

Cross-body mountain climbers are known to provide a tougher workout for the oblique and core muscles by engaging them in a different plane of motion when compared to the classic mountain climbers. This variation of mountain climbers enhances your core strength, stability, and rotational power.

Alternating Tempo Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber exercise that usually consists of slow movements gets a dynamic change with the alternating fast and slow movements in tempo mountain climbers. The variety in this exercise entails the engagement of the core, shoulders, and of the cardiovascular system with a prolonged compression of the muscles. 

You can practise Alternating Tempo Mountain Climbers by following the given steps:

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  1. Start in a plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to heels.
  2. Get your core muscles working well and maintain balance throughout your body.
  3. Start with the one knee driving it to your chest slowly and with good movement control.
  4. Compress back to the starting point and rapidly alternate driving the other knee toward your chest.
  5. Tailor your workout by switching between slow and fast movements. This will force your muscles to get used to changing speeds.
  6. Hold your form correctly, with your hips level, and without overtwisting or bouncing.
  7. Breathe always constantly and try to keep a slow and controlled rhythm.

Alternating tempo mountain climbers give a complete training routine by combining strength training and cardiovascular conditioning in one exercise. Such variability enables the development of endurance, coordination, and overall athleticism.

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Fast Mountain Climbers

Fast mountain climbers are an advanced variation of traditional mountain climbers exercise which combines cardio, intensive workout. This variation includes key elements such as the core, shoulder, and cardiovascular routines and engages the energy of the movement. 

You can practice Fast Mountain Climbers by following the given steps:

  1. Start in the classic plank position, with your shoulders directly under your hands, the body creating a straight line from the heels up to the head.
  2. Please maintain a strong core and balanced body posture.
  3. Now mimic running by putting your knees to your chest and pounding your heels in a cadence while doing it quickly.
  4. Please be mindful of your body posture, keep your hips levelled, your shoulders stacked over your wrists and maintain proper form while you work out.
  5. Make sure you are smoothening your movements and trying to keep them as controlled as possible, so you don’t end up bouncing and twitching a lot.
  6. Breathe consistently throughout the set with a fast pace. For the set’s duration, keep the tempo high.
  7. Start slow and make sure that you are centered before you begin. Increase your speed as you master the movements.

The fast mountain climbers will make your heart pump faster and can give a cardio workout of high intensity while the core muscles are also being worked on. This variation is good for those seeking to build muscle, increase their agility, and for improving endurance and overall cardiovascular health.

Slow Mountain Climbers

Modified mountain climbers, also known as slow mountain climbers, is the slow-paced adaptation of the classic mountain climber which challenges balance and strength. This variation reduces the speed of the movement, thus increasing muscle engagement time. As a result, the muscles become more durable, strengthening and endurance are enhanced.

You can practice Slow Mountain Climbers by following the given steps:

  1. Start in a plank position, with your palms on the floor right under your shoulders and the entire body composing a straight line from the head to the heels.
  2. Involve your core muscles and do not move the rest of your body.
  3. Gradually switch-driving of one leg towards your chest, while being controlled.
  4. Your attention should be on the two aspects of your form, including the hip level and the shoulder stacked over your wrist.
  5. Go for the opposite leg by performing the same steps, changing sides accordingly.
  6. Continue the slow knee drives but remember to keep the abdominal muscles tightly contracted throughout the entire movement.
  7. Take deep, steady, and regular breaths in tune with the movement of your body.

Due to the slow nature of slow mountain climbers, this variation is a great way to develop strength, stability, and endurance in the core muscles. This variation is most useful for the beginners or the ones who want to enhance their grip and control and then move on to advanced variations.


Integrating the different variations of the mountain climbers into your workout routine offers you a very extensive set of benefits that not only target different muscle groups but also improve your flexibility and cardio cycle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced exerciser, the following exercises are able to motivate you and bring you closer to your fitness goals. Through practicing high planks, cross-body, alternating speed, fast, and slow types of mountain climbers you can diversify your workouts and make your body work harder. Therefore, put on your shoes and just start grappling with it, soon you will be on your way to a more powerful and better you.

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