20 Most addictive Time Pass Games to play when you are bored

How many times do you find yourself with nothing to do at all? Or even better, how many times do you find yourself bored out of your mind at an office or in the middle of a lecture? You take out your phone and go through Instagram, WhatsApp and what not. But instead of getting addicted to social media, what if you had a few time pass games to get you all freshened up?

Yes, time pass games! Where you hardly have to think hard and just go with the flow. You can play those games all by yourself while traveling, in the middle of a lecture on in the office. But if you get caught, do not come back to blame us.

Here are 20 such time pass games to play when you are bored:

20Paper Toss:

Time Pass Games (Credits Google Play)

As simple as it sounds. All you have to do is toss the ball of a paper in the dustbin. Just to make it a little more interesting, a fan is placed on one side of the bin and the speed of the air is also mentioned. You have to manage your toss according to that speed and put the paper ball in the bin. The number of times you consecutively put the ball in without missing is your score!

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