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15 Funny Cricket Videos that you need to see if you love a good laugh

Who doesn’t love to have a little fun during the game? Given the long and sometimes tiring hours of cricket, moments of joy are like fresh breeze of air in the midst of summer. However, a few other times, they are a resultant of some utter stupidity on-field, etching their names forever in the cricketing history for wrong reasons. Without further ado, here are the 15 outright hilariously funny cricket videos that will surely leave you in tears!

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A Bullet Throw, Indeed

In the game against South Africa, Andrew Strauss’ throw to the wicketkeeper was more powerful than needed. So much so that, it completely destroyed his sunglasses, which, quite theatrically fell off his hat to come in front of the ball.

That’s how you do it Ashwin

Ashwin should have taken a lesson or two about warning the batsman before mankading from Chris Gayle. And the West Indian even had a great way of telling the non-striker to stay inside the crease. Maybe Ashwin could have avoided the recent IPL incident if he had seen this video.

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A Red Card in Cricket

Billy Bowden is one of the biggest entertainer of the game and it is no surprise that he has done something like this. In the game against New Zealand, McGrath sarcastically tried to recreate the infamous underarm incident and this is how Billy reacted:

The Best Fans Ever

Who doesn’t love the involvement of the fans during the game. In this case, all the fans were literally behind England’s Roonie Irani, following his exercise instructions.

Pyramid of El- Sleppa?!!

How about a little pyramid for a sleeping fan?

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The Proposal

Zaheer Khan might be married now, but he was definitely one of the most eligible bachelor back in the days. And this lady found the perfect way to convey her feelings for Zak.

Careful Jaddu!

When you are talking in your mother tongue, a few slangs are about to come out involuntarily. But Kudos to Sir Jadeja for managing to keep them in check.

It’s not easy being a Bowler

Bowling can sometimes be so stressful that you might forget the one thing you need for bowling – The Ball!

Want to Bowl? Yes, NO, Yes,…..!

To be or not to be, that is the question. And something similar happened with Pak pacer Wahab Riaz. He thought of bowling a delivery only to cancel it at the last minute. And this happened not once, or twice, but as many as five times!

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Ohh Inzi

Forget all of Inzi’s funny run outs throughout the career, this hit-wicket is definitely one of the best you will ever see.

And Now Misbah

In one of the test matches against India, Misbah tried to protect himself from a throw without realizing what a dreadful error he was about to make:

The Other Side of Sanga

The Legendary wicket-keeper batsman, Kumar Sangakkara, decided to toy with a Pakistani batsman a little bit. Definitely one of the most funny cricket videos !

Call it and leave it

There is one simple rule of catching Ajmal – if you call for the catch, you have to go for it. You simply cannot take your hands away at the last moment and then rolls your eyes at the teammate.


This lady definitely found it a little difficult to sit on the chair in the first attempt.

PS: There is no way Joe Root is concentrating on his bowling after this incident.

Absolutely Nothing Funny About that!

Well, truth be told, this is actually hilarious – Only when it happens to your friend. Just ask Joe Root, who is having a good laugh here as well. (How can we not add this incident in the list of funny cricket videos?)

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