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10 Tweets to help you get over India’s loss in WC Semis

MS Dhoni KreedOn
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Sports is an entertainer that give you unreal moments of adrenaline rush, of hope, and of eternal happiness. Unfortunately, the other side of the game is that it can also be seriously heart-breaking. It can crush dreams in a matter of moments. And it is even worse if your favourite team raises hope only to fail to win in the end. Indian fans experienced this the hard way, having seen their team bow out of the World Cup 2019 semi finals after giving a tough fight to New Zealand. There will be endless discussions on what went right and what wrong, but we are not going to talk about either of the two. What we will do, instead, is find a way to brighten your mood.

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As they say, after every night there is a sunrise. This young team will learn from their mistakes and rise stronger. Here 10 best tweets to help you get over India’s shocking exit from World Cup 2019:

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