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10 longest six in international cricket history [Latest] | MS Dhoni & more

In its formative years, International cricket was more about hitting the ball cleanly rather than out of the park. However, as the game became more popular, it became competitive as well. The need for more runs in limited overs rose and sixes became commonplace. In modern cricket, explosive batsman like Chris Gayle, Virender Sehwag, Kieron Pollard. Glenn Maxwell etc. have always dominated with an aggressive brand of batting. As a tribute to these biggest hitters of the ball who make the game so interesting for us, here is a list of the longest six in international cricket history.

112m, MS DHONI, India v/s Australia, Adelaide (2012)

Longest six in cricket history kreedon: Dhoni's 112m vs Australia

112m, SACHIN TENDULKAR, India v/s England, Durban (2003)

Sachin's historic 112m six vs England, 2003

113m, MARTIN GUPTILL, New Zealand v/s Australia, Auckland (2016)

Longest six in cricket kreedon: Guptill 113m six vs Australia

119m, YUVRAJ SINGH, India v/s Australia, Durban (2007)

Yuvraj Singh 119m six against Brett Lee kreedon

120m, SHAHID AFRIDI, Pakistan v/s South Africa, Johannesburg (2013)

Afridi longest six vs south africa kreedon

120-125m, CHRIS GAYLE, West Indies v/s Australia, The Oval (2009)

Gayle longest six vs Brett Lee

122m, COREY ANDERSON, New Zealand v/s India, Napier (2014)

corey anderson longest six kreedon

127m, MARTIN GUPTILL, New Zealand v/s South Africa, Wellington (2012)

Guptill longest six vs South Africa kreedon

130m, SHAHID AFRIDI, Pakistan v/s Australia, Perth (2005)

shahid afridi longest 6 kreedon
Credits Twitter

143m, BRETT LEE. Australia v/s West Indies, Brisbane (2005)

longest six in cricket history Brett Lee 143 meter six kreedon
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