10 best Indian boxers of all time | Mary, Vijender Singh and more

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Credits: Indian Express

Without a doubt India is cricket obsessed nation but it doesn’t mean India hasn’t brought laurels in other sports. Talking about boxing, it is a popular sport in our country. There are many talented Indian boxers who already have gone for glory at international stages. Here we are talking about best Indian boxers of all time.

The world of boxing includes some of the famous personalities of India. If you’re are an aspiring boxer professionally, then these Indian boxers should be your idols. If you’re searching for a popular boxer from India, you are at the right place. Here we have the 10 best Indian boxers of all time.

10Mohammed Ali Qamar

Mohammed Ali Qamar (Source: Times of India)

One can see his Wikipedia page of just one paragraph but his career in boxing makes him one of the top boxers in India. He was the first Indian to win gold in the Commonwealth Games in 2002. Qamar’s father registered his name into boxing at a very young age at Kidderpore School of Physical Education in Kolkata. He came into light when he won Inter-district champion in West Bengal in 1991.

A career that was marching on the route of success was hit and cut short by injuries. In January this year, he has been appointed as women’s chief coach in boxing.  Qamar’s neighbourhood of Kidderpore is called as ‘Hub of Women’s boxing’ in India. In January this year, he was appointed as women’s chief coach.


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