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We all crave for a better health and Badminton can help you acheive that.

Badminton Benefits

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton - KreedOn

  1.       Playing badminton can help you reduce weight, an hour’s session can burn up to 480 calories. Playing daily can result in losing about 4 kgs in a month
  2.       It helps in toning the muscles and maintaining a good physique. While playing badminton you make use of every muscle in your body, which is great for calves, butt, quads and hamstring
  3.       Playing badminton optimizes heart function. It strengthens the heart, reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol in the body
  4.       It reduces the risk of having diabetes by decreases the overall production of sugar by liver. This makes you less prone to diabetes
  5.       Playing badminton reduces hypertension and lowers the blood pressure. It helps produce chemicals to ward off stress without chemical drugs
  6.       Badminton improves the cardio-pulmonary functions and makes the body habitual of sweating naturally which helps in releasing the toxins from the body
  7.       It boosts endurance and productivity and also develops strength to endure physical stress. Making you more alert and increases concentrating at work
  8.       Playing badminton improves functioning of lungs and its capacity. It also helps in strengthening the respiratory muscles
  9.       It promotes growth of cells which form bones and makes you physically stronger by increasing the bone density

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